Our Alumni

Dear Alumni,

We are excited to announce that Okanagan Christian School has initiated a comprehensive alumni data verification project. This project aims to update the official alumni records of all OKA/OKAA/OCS graduates. We kindly request your help in confirming the accuracy of your records. Having up-to-date alumni information is vital for creating a directory that will enable OCS to serve you, our school, and future alumni better, and to build a legacy of strength for all.


We appreciate your prompt assistance in this matter.





Okanagan Christian School is a faith-based school that has been serving the central Okanagan region since 1917. We are proud of our alumni and their achievements in various fields. We invite you to stay connected with us and participate in our school life. You can follow us on Facebook, join our alumni page, or attend our events. We would love to hear from you and share your stories with our current students. Thank you for being part of our school family.